Web Workshop Coming Soon

Education is still a priority for me, and I am having some luck finding my niche in technical education. I’ve got several one-off gigs lined up as a teacher for Desktop Solutions here in Omaha, and I have found many students of Computer Science who need extra help. In addition to the teaching and tutoring, I am writing a book series of Web tutorials that will have online video supplements. It wil be known as The Web Workshop.

The first book in the series will be “Intro to HTML & CSS” and it is already well under way. The full book will be released on the Amazon Kindle store, but the complete resources files include walkthrough videos for each section will be freely available here online at abbysdoor.com. I’m really excited about producing my own web casts, although I am having trouble finding a suitable screencast software for free. My best bet so far seems to be Cam Studio, but I am open to suggestions.

I expect to have the bulk of my book finished in the next two weeks, at which time I can start to make the videos and release the sample code.

By the end of the year I expect the complete resources for “Intro to HTML & CSS” to be complete, and I can begin the next book in the series. Two more are on the table, I’m not sure which one could be next: “Advanced CSS” or “Front-End Forms & JavaScript” — again I am open to suggestions.

It’s an exciting time to be interested in Web!

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