Curriculum Bundle Summer 2018 Update

The Summer 2018 Update for the Web Dev 1 Curriculum Bundle is now available at TPT!

The lesson plans include 27 new activities, including an ongoing web journal for simultaneous reflection/meta-cognition and hands-on practice. Three ALL-NEW lessons add more design-focused content to the course.

Here’s the full changelog:

U1 Navigating and Designing for the Web
– Renamed from “Browsing the Web Mini-Unit” to reflect new content.

U1L1 Browsing Concepts
– Added additional instructional notes in the lesson plan.
– Added new worksheet: Domain and Hosting.
– Added new demo/hands-on activity: Journal Page.
– Added new video demo of the Journal Page.

U1L2 Principles of Design (ALL-NEW LESSON!)
– Added 3 all-new activities and suggestions for additional activities.
— Videos on Core Principles of Web Design
— Class Discussion & Journal Entry about Good Web Design
— Principles of Design Worksheet
– New lesson plan and worksheet documents are included.

U1L3 Viewing Source Code
– This was U1L2 in the previous version.
– Added additional instructional notes in the lesson plan.

U1 Activity: Useful URLs
– Added additional instructional notes in the lesson plan.
– Added sample list of useful URLs in the lesson plan.

U1 Review and Assessment
– Updated U1 Review document with new content.
– Updated U1 Quiz to full Exam with new content and answer key.

U2L1 What is HTML?
– Added new journal entry activity, to replace informal class notes summary.
– Updated lesson plan to include informal code review on last activity.

U2L2 Using a Template and Tags
– Fixed broken video link in the lesson plan.

U2L4 Testing and Debugging HTML
– Added journal entry to reflect on code review process.

U3L1 What is CSS?
– Added journal entry activity, to reinforce basic concepts.

U3L2 CSS Text and Fonts
– Added more detail about Icon Fonts in the Optional Additional Readings.

U3L3 Borders for Block and Inline Elements
– Added journal entry activity, to formalize new border concepts.
– Updated optional cumulative review topics list.

U3L3 & U3L4 Fixed lesson plan typos.

U3L5 Designing with Color (ALL-NEW LESSON!)
-Added 4 all-new activities:
— Color Schemes Worksheet
— Video Tutorial on Sampling Colors in Chrome
— Guided Color Tutorial with Opacity
— Creative Journaling Mini-Project
– New lesson plan document is included.

U4L1 Choosing Appropriate Images
– Added new worksheet activity to find royalty-free images.
– Updated lesson plan to move notes that now belong in U4L2.
– Moved entire optimizing activity to U4L2.

U4L2 Editing Images (ALL-NEW LESSON!)
– Added optimizing activity previously from U4L1.
– Added 3 all-new activities:
— Added new list of 5 video demos for working with images in Pixlr.
— Added new hands-on activity to create a header banner.
— Added new journal entry activity on 1 of the optimizing techniques.
– New lesson plan document is included.

U4L3 Images for Content and Style
– This was U4L2 in the previous version.
– Included new journal entry with the discussion activity.

U4L4 Favicons
– This was U4L3 in the previous version.
– Included new journal entry with the discussion activity.

U4 Activity: Capstone Bibliography
– Updated documents based on Unit 8 changes.

U5L1 Box Model Properties
– Added video demo for examining box model properties on web pages.
– Removed solution from student files of inline-block activity.

U5L2 Box Sizing and Reset Styles
– Updated reading activity with more resources.
– Added journal entry to reading activity to formalize new concepts.

U5L3 Centering Methods
– Included new journal entry as formal summary of the lesson.

U5L5 Applying Icons
– Added new activity to work with Google Material Icons font.
– Included new journal entry to reflect on the hands-on icons activity.

U6L1 Types of Hyperlinks
– Added mini project to re-organize journal as multipage site.

U6L2 Special Hyperlinks
– Re-organized image-map project folder.
– Added a code review to image-map project.
– Added new Word/PDF for image-map instructions and reduced text from lesson plan.

U6L3 & U6L4 Lists and Tables
– These used to be one big lesson. They have been split into 2.
– Added new Mini-Project to practice creating a description list in Lists lesson.
– Added journal entry activity added to “Types of Data” discussion in Tables lesson.

U6L5 Additional Data Structures
– This was U6L4 in the previous version.

U7L2 Mobile-Friendly Design
– Updated lesson plan info for Testing Web Sites Discussion
– Added new activity “Code Review Checklist Discussion and Update”
– Added journal entry to summarize activities and answer: “What is Mobile-Friendly Design?”

U7L3 Media Queries
– Added short activity to update the My Web Elements project.

Unit 8 Capstone Project
– Updated lesson plan and overview documents with more details.
– Updated overview document and bibliography instructions with extra topic category.
– Added extra suggested timeline for block scheduling.

Bundle Exclusive Changes
– Updated Master Student View for new and changed activities.
– Updated Scope and Sequence document with new activities and suggestions.
– Updated Student View Instruction docs to PDF (Only Worksheets, Checklists, and Teacher Copies are DOCX).

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