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Curriculum Bundle Summer 2018 Update

The Summer 2018 Update for the Web Dev 1 Curriculum Bundle is now available at TPT! The lesson plans include 27 new activities, including an ongoing web journal for simultaneous reflection/meta-cognition and hands-on practice. Three ALL-NEW lessons add more design-focused

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CSS Reset Revised

I’ve been doing a lot of CSS work lately. I love it. I really do. I even like to fix CSS bugs caused by other developers. Digging through their mess helps make me a better developer. But here’s one thing

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Chrome Developer Tools for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

One of the first things I typically do with my tutoring students is introduce them to the Element Inspector provided by either Chrome or Firebug. I think it is because one of the first questions my students ask is “what

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Video Tutorial: Hosting and FTP

I’ve developed this video tutorial as a free supplement to The Web Workshop Book 1: Intro to HTML & CSS. In that book, you learn the basics of how a Web page works, and in this video, you learn the

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Web Workshop Free Preview

The Intro to HTML and CSS book is coming along nicely. No videos yet. I am expecting to publish the book sometime in January.

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Web Workshop Coming Soon

Education is still a priority for me, and I am having some luck finding my niche in technical education. I’ve got several one-off gigs lined up as a teacher for Desktop Solutions here in Omaha, and I have found many

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