Simple WordPress Theming

It’s pretty hot right now. At my last job I worked on a WordPress (WP) blog, even though the owner said he prefers not to take that kind of work. Everyone and their dog seem to be getting involved in blogging.

With this post, I re-launch the Abby’s Door journal with a new theme, customized to fit in with my own simple site design. I’ve never written a theme from scratch, and I was very pleased to find a very simple, stripped-down theme among the free WP themes that was easy to customize.

And that’s just it–WP gives you unlimited power to customize your blog. My husband and I are working on a project-blog that is making use of custom fields, which is one of the functional features that make WP capable of anything. There are limitless plugins and themes. A competent PHP/JavaScript programmer can make the site do anything you want, and a competent CSS programmer can make the site look like anything you want.

I happen to be both, so look forward to more posts about WP!

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