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Web Workshop Coming Soon

Education is still a priority for me, and I am having some luck finding my niche in technical education. I’ve got several one-off gigs lined up as a teacher for Desktop Solutions here in Omaha, and I have found many

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Simple WordPress Theming

It’s pretty hot right now. At my last job I worked on a WordPress (WP) blog, even though the owner said he prefers not to take that kind of work. Everyone and their dog seem to be getting involved in

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Social Media Authentication

I recently worked on a project where users were required to have an account with the web site but they could also connect that account to their Facebook or Twitter accounts and log in with any of those three.

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And I return to the Job Hunt

Sometimes things just don’t work out. I’m technically still pretty new to the field, and I think I just jumped the gun on the first shiny opportunity. It’s a great place to work if you can handle the non-schedule, and

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