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EAI Education — www.eaieducation.com

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I provided front-end support for this Nodus E-Commerce store which provides education supplies out of New Jersey. I frequently used jQuery plugins and stretched my CSS skills to accomplish the designer’s vision and meet functional requirements.

Curriculum for 3rd Semester Web Design — StudentView

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Coming in as a new teacher with 2nd-year web students, I spent one unit ramping up the rigor of their vocabulary and quality of code, including strict XHTML compliance and separation of CSS to an external style sheet. Then we moved on to more advanced CSS topics (thumbnailing, spriting, etc), JavaScript, and a brief e-commerce project using a content-managed PHP shopping cart.

Contemporary Analysis Public Site — canworksmart.com

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My task was to re-write from Rails to WordPress to give the client CMS capabilities.

Short Samples

The Health Coach Group Directory

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One of 4 sites in the Sykora Group which I previously provided webmastery. All of these sites are built on WordPress with advanced customizations. The shopping carts were WooCommerce with custom integration to Aweber. The Health Coach Directory was powered by Gravity Forms and written as a custom template page.

Slider-Pushover Widget

sp1-thumb  sp2-thumb

Click here to see a demonstration and explanation of the widget. The animation is powered by jQuery, and the pushover effect is the result of carefully constructed CSS.

Above is the simpler, stripped-down version. This link takes you to the version which is built to accept two generic Backbone.js views as the content of the left and right panels. Feel free to view the source code and make use of the widget, but please drop me a line when you are finished. I would love to see others using the Backbone.js version for interesting work!

Menu Navigation For Bar Web Site

Floyd NY Navigation Menu

I sub-contracted for another developer to implement a CSS-only navigation menu for his client. A designer provided a good quality image, from which I created a pixel-perfect menu.

Lindsay VFD Calculator

vfd1-thumb  vfd2-thumb
Live link unavailable. This little application was written entirely in JavaScript using CoffeeScript and HighCharts.

WooCommerce Hide Out-of-Stock Variations

Sometimes the key to working in WordPress is getting to know the hooks and filters available in well-developed plugins like WooCommerce. Hiding the out-of-stock variations of a product (as opposed to simply disabling them) was very easy with this three-liner that hooks into the appropriate WooCommerce event.