Photoshop CS6 Workspace Background

More than one graphic designer has asked me in the last few months about changing the dark workspace of Photoshop CS6.

When I got my hands on a new screencast software, that was the first thing I thought of for making a test video tutorial. Here it is:

I have since got out my better hardware and played in the settings to clean up the audio. Really, this video was the product of 1 hour of downloading the software, learning it for the first time, writing a script, recording, editing, adding callout shapes, creating title screens with narration, and uploading to youtube. Seriously, 1 hour. I was amazed at how easy and intuitive Camtasia is :)

If you don’t feel like watching the video, here’s the short version:

Edit -> Preferences -> Interface -> Color Theme

Just pick a different gray and press ‘ok’ to get a lighter workspace.

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