Migrating and/or Deploying WordPress Sites

As a freelancer I see a lot of RFP’s go by for WordPress sites. Every time I use it, I grow a little more fond of it. Today I want to address one of the common complaints I hear from

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Nested Tables: The Nodus Nightmare

TABLEs v. DIVs for layout is a classic front-end development fight. As a master of CSS, I consider DIVs to be the preferred method, but I never used to hold it against others for using TABLEs.

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IE7 Just Won’t Die

A very long time ago, as a CSS enthusiast, I wrote an article called ‘IE6 Just Won’t Die’ and it was significantly more angry than this one. As a CSS developer, IE6 just made me a little crazy. IE7 was

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Chrome Developer Tools for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

One of the first things I typically do with my tutoring students is introduce them to the Element Inspector provided by either Chrome or Firebug. I think it is because one of the first questions my students ask is “what

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Video Tutorial: Hosting and FTP

I’ve developed this video tutorial as a free supplement to The Web Workshop Book 1: Intro to HTML & CSS. In that book, you learn the basics of how a Web page works, and in this video, you learn the

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WooCommerce and AWeber

I’ve recently worked with a client who has a couple of online stores powered by WooCommerce. I’ve done a little work here and there with customizing WooCommerce, but this client is my first to want AWeber lists integrated.

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Photoshop CS6 Workspace Background

More than one graphic designer has asked me in the last few months about changing the dark workspace of Photoshop CS6.

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Web Workshop Free Preview

The Intro to HTML and CSS book is coming along nicely. No videos yet. I am expecting to publish the book sometime in January.

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Web Workshop Coming Soon

Education is still a priority for me, and I am having some luck finding my niche in technical education. I’ve got several one-off gigs lined up as a teacher for Desktop Solutions here in Omaha, and I have found many

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Simple WordPress Theming

It’s pretty hot right now. At my last job I worked on a WordPress (WP) blog, even though the owner said he prefers not to take that kind of work. Everyone and their dog seem to be getting involved in

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