Pair Programming FAQ for Teachers

What is pair programming? Pair programming is a structured approach to development where two developers share a workstation. One is the driver, who actually implements the code, and the other is the navigator, who reads all of the instructions out

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WP Plugin Templates

Found some PHP that promises to do a thing in WordPress? Lots of guides will say to paste it into your functions.php file in your theme, but there are a lot of potential hazards with that approach. Instead, slap it into a

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Back to School for Master of CS Ed

Today I submitted my complete application for grad school. I have been thinking for quite some time about going back to get a grad degree and renew my teaching cert. It’s so real now. The degree program is a Master

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Curriculum Bundle Summer 2018 Update

The Summer 2018 Update for the Web Dev 1 Curriculum Bundle is now available at TPT! The lesson plans include 27 new activities, including an ongoing web journal for simultaneous reflection/meta-cognition and hands-on practice. Three ALL-NEW lessons add more design-focused

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WooCommerce Variation Image Unavailable

This is a followup to a post I made in 2013 with an early hacked-together version of the plugin. Here’s the main problem we needed to solve: We wanted a way to put some kind of overlay on the product

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CSS Reset Revised

I’ve been doing a lot of CSS work lately. I love it. I really do. I even like to fix CSS bugs caused by other developers. Digging through their mess helps make me a better developer. But here’s one thing

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Worst-Case Hours and Risky Projects

Today I want to take a break from my usual coding challenges and talk about project management. As a freelancer, I’m frequently asked to provide quotes and estimates of many kinds. My clients and I both seem to like one

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When No Variation Image Available… (WooCommerce)

I had an interesting problem to solve today. I was working on a WooCommerce site with the Wootique theme, and we have products with lots of variations, but only some of the variations have their own image. We wanted at way to

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Slider-Pushover Widget

Sometimes a designer hands you something that looks a little bizarre in static form. Then they tell you about how it’s supposed to behave and you think “awesome!” right before you think “Oh crap — How do I make it do

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So You Wanna Mimic Frameset Scrollbars?

Ah frames. Now there’s a technology that will take me back to the mid-1990s. One of my favorite Harry Potter fanfiction sites used frames to nice effect for chaptered stories, and I considered framesets to be a fine solution for

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